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Taymarine Shipping & Multimodal has over 12 years of experience in the international freight forwarding field and related aspects. We provide various services which are as follows:

Ocean Freight - Import & Export

Our company has a number of branches in key strategic points throughout the globe. Thanks to the large amount of cargo we carry in and out we have the ability to provide rate levels second to none. The frequency of our shipments is organized and steady while our containers are receiving first priority in regards to the space allocation on the vessels.

Our ocean department is equipped with the most professional manpower in the business so we’ll be able to provide the best service level out there. We are always attentive to any request as a part of our great customer service.

Air Freight - Import & Export

We have a special Air department here at Taymarine that specializes in this specific challenging field. This department is providing the following services:

•·        Rate agreements with all airlines and from/to all airports in the world

•·        Consolidations

•·        Cargo insurance

•·        Dangerous cargo handling

Customs Brokerage

Taymarine has a separated professional and experienced department who deals solely with cargo release and customs brokerage. This department is escorting the client from the moment the cargo arrives until it reaches his premises. This department is managed by a certified experienced customs broker who also has the manpower to assist him with his daily tasks. We also provide legal counseling if there’s a need.


In order to save costs for our loyal accounts we provide cargo consolidation service, meaning we take handful of cargo and unite it into one large shipment. We provide this sort of service from many points globally with a frequent weekly service.

Warehousing and Storage

We hold many agreements with storage facilities in every point. That will surely save our customers costs if they are having trouble finding suitable space for their incoming/outgoing shipments.

Exhibitions Logistics Handling

Taymarine is well aware of the need and importance of worldwide exhibitions. We know it’s very crucial to deliver this specific commodity under a strict and tight schedule (Sometimes at short notice). We have the ability to succeed in this special task by delivering this special cargo on time every time.

Special Projects

Moving a special type and complex cargo demands professional care, knowledge and special abilities. There’s a need to deliver the cargo safe and unharmed on time. In order to meet those standards we have a special department which deals with these kinds of projects only. We move large vehicles, agriculture equipment, heavy machinery, pipelines etc.


If needed and advised well ahead of the shipment we can insure every cargo we handle. Due to our large volumes insurance companies provide us with special rates enabling our clients to pay a minimal amount for that need. This gives us the ability to bring piece of mind to the account while providing him with a value added service.

Door to Door delivery

Due to the fact that Taymarine has a full network of worldwide agents we have the option of delivering any shipment from its initial origin to its final destination. We provide a fast, safe and professional delivery service.